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Can I Remove Black Mold Myself?

AWS specializes in residential and commercial waterproofing in the Delaware Valley, and our team has extensive experience with mold remediation, including the eradication and containment of black mold. A common question among homeowners is “Can I remove black mold myself?”. We’ll walk you through some steps to determine your ability to do so.

The Bleach Test

Before we get into answering “Can I remove black mold myself?”, let’s make sure that you’re actually dealing with black mold or another serious type of mold. The way to do this is with a bit of bleach. If the mold easily wipes away or lightens up as you apply the bleach, then it isn’t black mold. If, on the other hand, the mold is difficult to remove, then it is potentially dangerous and will be hard for a DIYer to contain and eradicate. We always advise calling in the pros, but if you do choose to move forward on your own, you’ll need to gather some supplies.

What You’ll Need

You need a mask designed to filter mold spores as you will disturb the spores and make them airborne as you clean. If you do decide to go ahead with the thin, paper masks many homeowners have, then wear several of them. Wear gloves at all times, and we recommend wearing old clothes that you can discard when the job is done. Disposable PPE suits are an option as well. Bleach isn’t going to cut it. You’ll need borax, which you can mix into a gallon of hot water to create a mold-killing solution.

Containing and Eradicating the Mold

A big challenge for a DIYer is containing the spread, which is why when a homeowner asks “Can I remove black mold myself?”, we encourage against it. You need to turn off all heating, cooling, and mechanical ventilation. Then, seal the affected room or rooms using painter’s plastic and tape. Scrub the affected areas. Let the solution penetrate for a while, and then dry the surface. Thorough dryness is important, so use fans and/or ventilation at this point to ensure that all moisture is gone.

Mold Remediation Professionals

Yes, you can, but we don’t recommend it. When dealing with black mold, it’s best to have a professional team in order to ensure that the source of moisture is eliminated and that the black mold is fully contained prior to being eradicated. If you own a home or business in the Delaware Valley, you should trust AWS for all of your mold remediation and waterproofing needs. Contact us today to schedule an on-site consultation or with any additional questions about “Can I remove black mold myself?”.


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