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Structural Repair in Cochranville, PA

Do you have cracks in your basement walls? Are the walls sagging? Is there a slant in the floor? These are indications that your foundation has structural issues. If you put off addressing the need for foundation repair on your property for too long, the general structural integrity of our home may be jeopardized.

Trusted Foundation Repair Company

AWS is a well-established company that specializes in structural repair, particularly foundation restoration. Our firm is fully licensed and insured in Cochranville, PA and our staff has vast expertise in diagnosing foundation issues and addressing them in a way that will provide you with peace of mind for many years. Many homeowners in this area have put their faith in us for structural foundation repairs because we have the most advanced technology, utilize the best materials, and provide exceptional craftsmanship. We also provide precise and transparent estimates. AWS will never use high-pressure sales methods and will instead give you a repair plan tailored to your house and the work that it requires.

Foundation Repair

Trust AWS to Keep Your Property Protected

If you think your Cochranville, PA home property might have a mold issue, you should think about hiring a qualified mold removal company to perform a mold inspection.  An experienced professional should be the only person you have to handle a mold problem because it is a bio-contaminant and they have the knowledge, expertise, and equipment needed to safely determine the best course of action. A mold inspection from A Waterproofing Solution will be able to establish whether there is a mold issue, what caused the issue, how serious the issue is, and how to remove the mold effectively.

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What Causes Structural Foundation Issues

Poor ground conditions are a significant source of foundation difficulties owing to the strain imposed on the foundation by expansion and contraction, as well as excess moisture. Excess moisture may also be caused by landscaping along the perimeter of the property, and another typical issue is gutters that have gotten broken or were improperly built, enabling water to collect near the foundation. Old plumbing is oftentimes the source of the problem since it deteriorates and causes water damage. Poor drainage can be caused by soil conditions, inappropriate landscaping, or the landscape changing over time, and AWS can solve these issues by designing and implementing a drainage system in your Cochranville, PA property.

Signs Your Foundation Requires Structural Repair

Any fractures in your drywall that are not caused by moisture point to a foundation problem. Bowing walls signal major foundation issues that must be addressed immediately. Foundation settling may be indicated by gaps at the top of doors. Windows might cling due to excess moisture as well as foundation problems. Moisture frequently enters your crawl space or basement through foundation fractures. Other indicators of foundation deterioration include wall separation and uneven or sagging flooring, and if you have a pest problem, get your foundation evaluated to rule it out as the source.

Why Repair Your Foundation Quickly

Most foundation problems often develop with time, so having AWS undertake structural repair as soon as you identify the concerns can minimize damage escalation and higher repair costs. Maintaining a dry crawl area or basement is also important for controlling humidity and other aspects of indoor air quality in the home. When foundation problems go unaddressed, they can lead to mold and insect infestations. A repair that preserves the foundation’s long-term health also provides you with peace of mind and adds significant value to your house.

Why Choose AWS for Structural Repairs in Cochranville, PA

When a foundation fails, each home poses its own set of structural issues. At A Waterproofing Solution Inc, we use cutting-edge industry procedures and collaborate closely with townships and engineering companies to ensure the best possible solution for each project. Look no further than the specialists at A Waterproofing Solution Inc for foundation repair and other structural needs, whether your foundation is cinderblock, CMU, stone, or poured concrete. In addition, we offer a complete lifetime warranty on structural repairs.

Don’t Neglect Foundation Issues

AWS highly advises homeowners to have structural repairs completed as soon as possible, since the damage and repair expenses will only increase over time. Structural damage to your foundation can result in significant losses within your house, such as the replacement of walls, flooring, doors, and windows. When there is heavy or persistent rain, foundation problems make the home vulnerable to water damage. Mildew, mold, and other indoor air pollution will be more prevalent in your house, and foundation concerns can also lead to plumbing issues, such as broken sewage lines.

Trust AWS for Structural Repair in Cochranville, PA

If you suspect you may have foundation issues, contact AWS immediately at 1-610-241-7009. Fundamental flaws must be discovered and remedied as soon as possible to prevent additional harm to your house. For many years, AWS has been trusted in this region to execute this type of structural repair, and you can rely on us to produce the exceptional craftsmanship your house deserves.

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