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Mold Removal in Trappe, PA

Although mold is a natural component of our surroundings, this does not mean that it should reside inside your home or business. Mold cannot grow without moisture, so its presence in your Trappe, PA property is a definite sign that there is a problem with water penetration. The first step to controlling and stopping mold growth is to locate and stop the water intrusion. Our experts at A Waterproofing Solution, Inc. can determine where the water is coming from and devise a strategy to effectively prevent further problems.

Remediate Mold Right Away

The safe removal of existing spores is an important step in stopping the growth of mold. To ensure the safe removal of any existing mold issues, our trained teams use the most recent technology and take extra precautions. Mold should be removed as soon as you become aware of the problem because it can harm your family and pets’ health. It’s always best to leave mold removal to a professional service, like A Waterproofing Solution, Inc., as large amounts can be challenging to handle on your own.

Mold Removal Services

Trust AWS to Keep Your Property Protected

If you think your Trappe, PA home property might have a mold issue, you should think about hiring a qualified mold removal company to perform a mold inspection.  An experienced professional should be the only person you have to handle a mold problem because it is a bio-contaminant and they have the knowledge, expertise, and equipment needed to safely determine the best course of action. A mold inspection from A Waterproofing Solution, Inc. will be able to establish whether there is a mold issue, what caused the issue, how serious the issue is, and how to remove the mold effectively.

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Our Effective Mold Removal Process

Before you try to remove mold from your home, you need to address the mold’s source of moisture. Our trained mold removal technicians know where to look and how to effectively rid your property of mold. If you do not remove the source of the mold, there is a potential for serious health concerns and the need for costly repairs.

1. Containment & Protection

To prevent cross-contamination, we place barriers around all areas of remediation, and all floors and belongings will be covered and protected during the mold removal process.

2. HEPA Air Filtration

To remove all surface mold spores from building materials, HEPA vacuums are used. Using a HEPA-filtered air filtration system helps keep indoor air safe and clean.

3. Removal of Damaged Materials

Building materials that cannot be salvaged will be carefully removed and disposed of. Any questionable areas or places beneath surface materials will then be dealt with.

4. Thorough Antimicrobial Cleaning

With the aid of a concentrated hydrogen peroxide agent, all mold roots can be eliminated during the scrubbing process. The surface will be treated with an antimicrobial agent to prevent the growth of mold.

5. Apply Protective Coating

To help stop recurrence, a mold-resistant coating is applied to the cleaned surfaces in and around your previous problem. You may also need other services such as waterproofing, encapsulation, or have a drainage system installed.

Common Locations Mold is Found in Trappe, PA

Mold can exist anywhere moisture is present. Poorly temperature-controlled and ventilated areas are prime locations for problems to occur. Basements, crawl spaces, and attics are the most commonly affected spaces. Burst pipes and storm damage can aid mold growth inside walls and other spaces inside your Trappe, PA property. Our trained specialists know where to look and how to help remove the mold.

Mold in Basement

Mold in Basement

Because they are mostly underground, basement foundation walls in Trappe, PA are vulnerable to seepage or leakage through minute pores and cracks, which can easily go unnoticed if you are not aware of it. Water staining or efflorescence is typically the first indication of water intrusion. The white, powdery substance that forms on the surface of the foundation wall is called efflorescence. Solvable salts and minerals are driven to the surface as a result of water or vapor seepage. Although efflorescence is a sign of water or moisture seepage, which can lead to mold, it is nonetheless not mold. You should contact a mold removal expert if you notice mold growth or if your basement has experienced moisture issues in the past.

Mold in Crawlspace

Mold in Crawlspace

Mold growth is frequently found due to ideal conditions found in crawl spaces. The majority of crawl space mold issues can be attributed in large part to porous building materials and poor building envelope design. With inadequately sized wall vents, many crawl spaces are poorly ventilated. When they were first introduced and included in the building code, they seemed like a great idea, but they have actually made moisture and mold problems worse. Crawl space vents bring warm air into cool crawl spaces in the spring and summer, causing condensation on masonry and wood construction materials. During colder months, the same effect occurs, but in the reverse order. We can provide crawlspace encapsulation to prevent future mold issues.

Mold in Attic

Indoor & Attic Mold

In spaces with poor airflow or no air conditioning, humidity alone can lead to the growth of mold. Moisture in the air can also raise the number of airborne mold spores, which can settle on insulation and items kept in your attic. Depending on the level of contamination, invasive or non-invasive methods may be necessary to solve your mold problem. Removing construction materials like drywall, insulation, or carpeting is considered invasive. Cleaning rather than removing building materials is the goal of non-invasive mold remediation. Most of the time, mold-damaged drywall, insulation, or carpeting needs to be removed and replaced.

Contact A Waterproofing Solution, Inc. for Your Mold Removal Needs

If you notice mold growing or suspect you have an issue, contact us as soon as you can. Our team will be dispatched to locate all of the items and areas affected by mold, contain them, and then carefully remove and restore them. Additionally, the A Waterproofing Solution, Inc. team will locate and deal with the problem area where water is entering your Trappe, PA property. Mold is a serious health concern, so don’t wait if you see it in your house. Give us a call at 1-610-241-7009, and we’ll handle it quickly and safely.

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