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Basement & Crawl Space Waterproofing

Basement Waterproofing Solutions In Pennsylvania, New Jersey And Delaware

The basement of your home is just as important as any other living space whether it’s finished or not. It needs to remain in good shape in order to keep your home safe and dry. A basement that gets wet or floods, even if it’s only during big storms, will suffer damage to the walls and flooring. This can cause the issues to become bigger and more serious as time passes. These problems will make the cost of repairs go up as the damage increases. The potential losses are not only monetary, but can include personal items and your time and energy to clean up after each storm. If you see or have any of the signs listed below, please contact us so an A Waterproofing Solution, Inc. professional can come and give you a free consultation.

Signs Of A Wet Basement

Water Stains

Water Stains

Stains along the walls, floors and in corners are caused by water seeping in through the joint where the floor and walls meet. Over time causing the surface of the basement wall to stain.



Is a white or grayish residue that causes stains on walls where water is passing through. What you are seeing are salt deposits left behind after water has evaporated on your basement wall.

Cracking Walls

Cracking Or Crumbling

Is a condition that happens when water gets inside the surface of concrete and breaks it down over a long period of time causing the surface of the basement wall to flake and peel away.

Mold and Mildew

Mold And Mildew

Even a small amount of mold could be a sign of a bigger problem hidden behind your homes framing. The best option is to have an expert address where the water is entering your basement.

Rotted Framing

Rotted Framing

Unprotected wood that repeatedly gets wet and cannot dry out completely is a perfect environment for mold and fungal growth which then causes deterioration and rot.

Standing Water

Standing Water

Standing water is a sure sign that you have a moisture issue. Whether it’s a little or a lot, it’s a problem. It could be from a leaking pipe or crack somewhere which will quickly lead to bigger issues.

Residential Waterproofing

Preventing water penetration is one of the main advantages of residential property waterproofing services. Mold development, decay, and structural damage are just a few of the issues that water entry may cause. Homeowners may stop water from entering the house and creating these problems with our waterproofing services.

Commercial Waterproofing

To determine if you need commercial waterproofing, it’s important to look for indications of a problem both inside and outside the building. If you experience standing water and have a well-functioning gutter system, then you have a drainage problem and likely need a custom drainage system to channel that water away.

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A Detailed Look At
Basement & Crawl Space Flooding And Leaks

Water can still get into your basement even without obvious cracks or damage. This is due to hydrostatic pressure. Saturated soil at the base of your foundation can cause pressure build up, thus pushing water through the smallest cavities creating leaks in your home. Over time, the small weaknesses in the foundation floor and walls will become larger if left untreated. Water will create pathways that often permeate the joint between the floor and walls, also called the cove joint.

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Basement Waterproofing Solution Diagram

The Clay Bowl Effect

Hydrostatic pressure, caused by the Clay Bowl Effect, is one of the side-effects of construction. Loose soil that was excavated then backfilled during the building of the foundation is more porous than the hard-packed soil around it, which has been untouched for millions of years. The loose soil holds ground water and creates pressure that pushes against the foundation as the water looks for the path of least resistance.

French Drain Installation

Waterproofing a basement often requires a drainage solution to deal with the excess groundwater. One of the solutions we offer at AWS is French drain installation. Our company is a fully licensed and insured contractor that installs many different types of French drains and has the expertise and experience to customize them to particular residential and commercial properties.

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A Waterproofing Solution In PA, NJ, And DE

If you live in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or Delaware and you need to waterproof your basement, you’ve found the right team. A Waterproofing Solution employs professionals that recognize every house is different and will work with you to implement a basement waterproofing solution that is tailored to your home’s specific needs. We believe in our solutions so much that we offer a lifetime guarantee on our waterproofing system.

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