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Commercial Waterproofing Company

Protect Your Commercial Building from Water Damage

When businesses and other organizations in the Delaware Valley need commercial waterproofing solutions, they turn to the experts at AWS. We’re a fully licensed and insured waterproofing contractor that provides many services beyond waterproofing; including foundation repair, interior and exterior drainage, and mold remediation. At AWS, we appreciate that there is no one-size-fits-all waterproofing solution and will develop effective solutions that are uniquely suited to your commercial property.

Waterproof Your Property

Excess moisture that is not channeled away from your building will eventually lead to a serious problem, and having an issue with water is something that can occur over time due to soil erosion, landscaping, and so on. How we deal with your specific issues will depend very much on the extent of the problems and the unique characteristics of your building and property. If you have standing water when it rains, we can develop a custom drainage solution that channels that water to where it won’t do harm, and if you are experiencing water intrusion, such as in a below-ground floor, we can seal the foundation in order to protect it and prevent the water from getting inside in the future.

Signs Your Business May Have a Problem

To determine if you need commercial waterproofing, it’s important to look for indications of a problem both inside and outside the building. If you experience standing water and have a well-functioning gutter system, then you have a drainage problem and likely need a custom drainage system to channel that water away. Left unchecked, standing water will eventually lead to water intrusion, and it can cause other problems for your commercial location, such as a mosquito infestation.

You may experience standing water in a basement as well, but be mindful that there are often indications of water intrusion before you get to that point. A common sign is efflorescence, which is the white powdery substance left behind due to minerals in the water. Mustiness is an indication, and be mindful that mold is a problem long before you can actually see it. Water stains and rotted wood are obvious indications, but you should also watch for cracks in walls and ceilings, as well as warped door frames.

Commercial Waterproofing Services

Mitigate Existing Water Damage

AWS provides commercial waterproofing services that will eliminate problems like standing water and seepage. Our team can seal the foundation and interior area so those problems do not occur again. We also offer remediation services. If you have water stains, water damage, or mold, we can correct those issues once the fundamental problems have been identified and fixed.

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Commercial Waterproofing Solutions We Offer

Investing in commercial waterproofing is critical for maintaining structural integrity and protecting your commercial property from costly water damage. When you choose AWS you can be confident that your property is in capable hands. From retention and detention basins to water recharge systems and stormwater drainage, we have you covered.

Commercial Stormwater

Stormwater Infiltration Systems

Stormwater infiltration systems and other exterior drainage solutions are critical components of all commercial property design and maintenance. They are required for your safety and to reduce your risk.

Deep Percolation System

Deep Percolation Systems

A deep percolation system is a solution custom-designed for a particular property that facilitates rainwater getting past the rooting zone and deeper into the soil in order to alleviate drainage problems.

Injection Well Water Recharge

Water Recharge Systems

A water recharge system is a man-made solution that helps restore groundwater levels or store water for later use. Intentional water recharge is frequently used as part of the overall property drainage solution for a commercial property.

Commercial Property Drainage

Commercial Property Drainage

If you are having drainage issues, AWS can repair the damage and implement a custom commercial property drainage solution to prevent the problem from recurring. A multifaceted approach is typically required to provide the best results.

Detention Basin

Detention Basins

Commercial properties that experience flooding or soil erosion during heavy rains should think about installing a detention basin. Dry ponds do not require a great deal of space relative to the amount of rainwater that you need to deal with.

Retention vs Detention Basin

Retention Basins

A retention pond is a man-made reservoir used to collect and store rainwater. They are intended to slow the flow of runoff to keep the larger property dry or to provide treatment by storing polluted stormwater until it can be naturally filtered.

Mold and Mildew

Mold Remediation

Mold remediation is the process of removal and/or cleanup of mold from inside your property. If you had a flood or leak in your facility, complex, or other business, mold can be present in spaces you cannot see.

Structural Repairs

Structural Repair

Water is the most common cause of foundation damage, and poor drainage is usually to blame. Any cracks in your drywall that are not caused by moisture point to a foundation problem.

Swale Installation Contractors

Swale Installation

A drainage swale, also known as a swale drain, is a man-made depression in the ground used to direct water flow. This drainage solution is simple in concept and relatively simple and inexpensive to implement.

Interior and Exterior Waterproofing Services

Effective commercial waterproofing often requires both exterior and interior solutions. Exterior drainage solutions often begin with eliminating the moisture problem, such as through the design and installation of a drainage system. Of course, not all moisture can be prevented, so it’s usually a good idea to seal the exterior foundation in order to prevent water intrusion in the future. Depending on the scenario, it may also be necessary to waterproof the interior. This can include fixing rot and cracks but also applying caulk, waterproof paints, and other sealants, and sometimes, interior drainage may be necessary with the use of a sump pump.

Prevent Foundation Damage Before It’s Too Late

Foundations are easy to take for granted but are really integral to the overall health of your commercial building. A foundation is designed to support the load of the entire building but also the lateral movements that need to occur due to shifting and the wind. If a foundation is compromised and not functioning well, that fundamental issue can manifest as a wide range of problems throughout the building, including damage to the structure, floors, walls, doors, and so forth. Excess moisture is a leading cause of foundation problems, and our commercial waterproofing services will protect your foundation from hydrostatic pressure, expansive soils, erosion, and other common issues. Existing foundation problems will only worsen with time and become much more expensive to correct.

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If you have a commercial site that requires waterproofing, AWS is here to help. We’ll develop a custom commercial waterproofing solution that solves your water problems for good. Call 1-610-241-7009 or use the form on our website to schedule a consultation or with any questions about our services.