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French Drain Installation Contractors

Professional Basement and Property Waterproofing

AWS is a fully licensed and insured company in Collegeville, PA that has completed more than 20,000 waterproofing projects throughout the region. In addition to basement and crawl space waterproofing services, we offer a full range of exterior drainage solutions, including French drain installation. French drains are an effective solution for residential and commercial properties that have a problem with excess moisture at ground level. Even water that accumulates near a foundation and perhaps leaks into a basement can be rerouted via a French drain and deposited in a more suitable location.

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What Is a French Drain and How Does It Work?

French drains are called such not because they were invented in France—although they may have been—but because they were popularized in the U.S. by the 1859 book Farm Drainage, which was written by Henry Flagg French. A French drain is also known as a trench drain because French drain installation involves digging a trench. The trench is needed to house a perforated drainage pipe, and the trench is filled with gravel or a similar material. The gravel supports the pipe, covers it, and allows water to permeate it and reach the drainage pipe where it will be channeled away. Drainage pipes are set at an angle so that water naturally flows in the desired direction, and the pipe is typically wrapped in a water-permeable fabric that helps to avoid the pipe perforations from becoming clogged.

Does Your Property Need a French Drain?

Your property may require French drain installation if you experience a problem with excess moisture whenever there are heavy rains or snow melts. This may manifest as soggy areas in your yard, or you may notice moisture in your basement or crawl space, which can range from damp or wet walls to standing water. Musty odors in basements and crawl spaces indicate a moisture problem, and if the issue has been ongoing long enough, you may experience cracks in your foundation.

The Benefits of Installing a French Drain

Not all drainage problems require French drain installation as a solution, but French drains are very effective when you have soil that is prone to being waterlogged and need to channel a significant amount of water away from a structure. French drains are practical in most scenarios as they’re typically buried underground and not visible once the installation is complete. This type of drainage is suitable in scenarios where the natural slope of the land isn’t conducive to optimal drainage. French drains are affordable to install relative to other drainage solutions as long as the excavation of exterior structures isn’t required, and a high-quality French drain built with premium materials and installed with expertise can last for decades and thus provide an excellent return on the investment.

Installing A French Drain
Benefits of French Drains

Choose AWS for Reliable Waterproofing

AWS is a fully licensed and insured contractor that has many years of industry experience. We’re committed to excellence in customer service and care, and that approach is reflected in the awards we’ve earned, such as the Angie’s List Super Service Award and Top Rated and Best Of recognition from HomeAdvisor. Our company designs and installs drainage solutions that are effective and built to last, and we only use premium materials that are going to hold up over time. If you’re considering a French drain or other drainage solution, we’ll provide you with an on-site consultation at no cost and without obligation and will give you an accurate and upfront estimate that you can rely on.

French Drain Outlets

Many French Drain Configurations

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to French drain installation. Our drainage experts will inspect your residential or commercial property, diagnose the problems accurately, and develop a drainage solution that is uniquely suited to the environment. The French drain explained earlier is the traditional configuration and what is also known as a curtain drain. Our company also installs collectors and interceptors for properties prone to flooding. Dispersal drains are a strong option for homes that have septic tanks that can collect wastewater. Fin drains are an effective choice for edge drainage. Filter drains are useful for redirecting groundwater, and a footing drain may be necessary in basement flooding scenarios and in particular when the basement walls are high.

French Drain Installation

The Problems with Neglecting a Wet Basement

Problems with excess moisture are only going to worsen with time and become more expensive to correct. AWS encourages all property owners to call us soon as they notice a potential problem, including moisture in a basement or crawl space, cracks in the foundation, or even a soggy yard. Moisture intrusion will lead to mold and can do so quickly. The walls, floors, and ceiling in the basement can become damaged. The foundation cracks will continue to widen, and an undermined foundation will lead to problems throughout the home, including to damage to doors, windows, floors, and so forth.

Choose AWS for French Drain Installation

If you have a drainage problem and a French drain may be the solution, choose AWS. Our company has decades of French drain installation experience, and we’ll design an effective and durable French drain and ensure your complete satisfaction. Call us today or contact us online to schedule your consultation or with any questions about French drains or the other services we offer.