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Paver Patio Installation & Repair

Considering Installing a New Paver Patio?

If you own a property and want a paver patio installed, choose the company that home and business owners throughout the region have trusted for many years. That company is AWS. We are a fully licensed and insured contractor that has designed and completed paver patio installation projects for both residential and commercial locations. We use only premium materials and deliver the superior craftsmanship you deserve.

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What Is a Paver Patio?

A paver patio is a patio made up of paving stones as opposed to concrete or another material. Pavers or paving stones are individual pieces that we can use to create patios and other surfaces as opposed to making them by pouring concrete. These stones can be natural stones but are also made from concrete, clay brick, porcelain, and other substances. Pavers come in many different sizes and shapes as well, and you can choose pavers of a similar size for a uniform look or different sizes for a more complex aesthetic. We can even install a paver walkway to the entry of your home or other parts of your property.

The Benefits of a Paver Patio

Paver patio installation provides similar benefits that any patio surface does, such as giving you an area to entertain and enjoy your backyard and also adding real value to your home. But paver patios also offer benefits that distinguish it from the alternatives, such as more design possibilities. Another inherent advantage of a paver patio is that there are gaps between the pavers. The pro here is that the surface is able to expand and contract and thus isn’t prone to the wear over time that concrete is. It is also means that if damage does occur, a paver patio is much easier and cheaper to repair, and those gaps let water channel through them and therefore allow for better drainage into your yard.

Why You Should Choose AWS

Poor paver patio installation is the leading cause of problems with paver patios. When you hire AWS, you’re choosing a contractor that has extensive experience designing and installing these surfaces, as well as a proven track record. It also makes a difference that we specialize in drainage. We know how to design paver surfaces that last and which won’t disrupt the effective drainage of your yard.

The Benefits of a Paver Patio

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Paver Patio Repair Services

Optimal Drainage for Your Property

Drainage is a big concern when it comes to hardscaping. Flat concrete surfaces are fundamentally not ideal for drainage, and even when they’re installed correctly—such as above the height of the yard—they can still lead to problems over time. A paver patio installation is much less prone to these issues because there are natural channels that allow the water to flow away from the surface.

Paver Patio Repair Services

If you have a paver patio that was installed incorrectly or which has developed problems over time, new paver patio installation isn’t the only recourse. Often, AWS can restore the existing surface both in regard to aesthetics and its affect on drainage, and we’d be glad to perform a professional installation and provide you our assessment along with an upfront and accurate estimate.

Exterior Waterproofing Solutions

Our services aren’t limited to paver patio installation. AWS offers a full range of waterproofing and exterior drainage solutions for both residential and commercial clients. Our team waterproofs basements, installs sump pumps, and designs foundation drains, swale installation, and other custom yard drainage solutions.

Trust the Pros at AWS for Paver Patio Installation

AWS has helped many homeowners better enjoy their yards with paver patio installation and repair, and companies throughout the area trust us to improve their hardscapes while optimizing their drainage. Call 1-610-241-7009 today or contact us online for a consultation or with any questions about paver patio installation.