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Paver Steps Design & Installation

A Touch of Style and Durability

Whether you’re revamping your garden, patio, or entranceway, paver steps can be a game-changer in elevating the aesthetics and functionality of your outdoor space. AWS has years of experience working with the various elements of landscaping and hardscaping when trying to improve the look and drainage of properties. Paver steps are a great addition to an existing walkway or patio to complete the desired aesthetics and functionality of your home.

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Why Install Paver Steps

Paver steps are a versatile and visually appealing way to connect different levels in your outdoor space. They are crafted from durable materials like concrete, natural stone, or brick, providing a solid foundation for both form and function. These steps not only serve as a practical solution for navigating changes in elevation but also add an inviting charm to your landscape.

Many Benefits of Paver Stairs

Paver steps offer a dual advantage by seamlessly combining aesthetic appeal with practical functionality. Their diverse range of design options allows homeowners to enhance the visual allure of their outdoor spaces, while the use of durable materials ensures longevity and resistance to wear and tear. Beyond their stylish appearance, paver steps contribute to improved safety, featuring a non-slip surface that makes navigating outdoor spaces secure, especially during adverse weather conditions. With minimal maintenance requirements, these steps offer convenience, and their installation can potentially increase the property’s market value, making them a valuable and versatile investment for homeowners seeking an enduring and visually striking enhancement to their homes.

AWS Knows Paver Installations

The most common cause of paver staircase problems is poor installation. When you hire AWS, you are hiring a contractor with extensive experience in designing and installing paver structures, as well as a proven track record of customer service. It also matters that we specialize in drainage. We understand how to create long-lasting paver surfaces that do not interfere with your yard’s effective drainage.

Paver Steps Installation

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Pavers Steps Are A Great Addition

The design phase of paver steps is a journey of creativity and aesthetic expression. Homeowners can choose from a wide variety of materials, including concrete, natural stone, and brick, each with its own texture, color, and pattern. This versatility enables the creation of custom-designed steps that blend seamlessly with the overall style of the home and surrounding landscape. Whether you want a classic, timeless look with traditional brick patterns or the modern charm of sleek, interlocking concrete pavers, the design options are virtually endless.

Reliable Paver Stair Repairs

While paver steps are long-lasting and resilient, they may need to be repaired on occasion to maintain their integrity and aesthetic appeal. Uneven settling, cracked or chipped pavers, and displaced stones are some of the most common issues that require repair. Repairing paver steps usually requires a systematic approach. Any damaged or displaced pavers are carefully removed, and the underlying base is inspected for problems. Adjustments can be made to ensure proper alignment, and any damaged pavers are replaced with new ones that match the existing design.

Property Waterproofing Services

Our services extend well beyond paver walkway installation. AWS provides both residential and commercial clients with a comprehensive selection of waterproofing and exterior drainage solutions. Our team of professionals waterproofs basements, installs sump pumps, and designs foundation drains, swales, and other custom yard drainage solutions.

Brick Paver Steps Repair

Contact AWS to Discuss Your Paver Needs

Paver steps are more than just a functional solution for elevation changes; they are a design element that can transform your outdoor space into a stylish and practical oasis. Whether you’re considering a small entranceway project or a complete landscape overhaul, the addition of paver steps can significantly elevate the beauty and functionality of your home. Call 1-610-241-7009 or contact us today to discuss your project and get a quote.