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Paver Walkway Design & Installation

Enhance Your Home With a Paver Walkway

If you own a property and are interested in a paver walkway, go with the company that has been trusted by home and business owners in the region for several years. AWS is that company. We are a fully licensed and insured contractor who has planned and installed paver walkways in residential as well as commercial locations. We always utilize premium materials and provide the superior craftsmanship you expect.

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What is a Paver Walkway?

A paver walkway is a stylish and durable pathway made from interlocking concrete or brick units known as pavers. These pathways offer a flexible and resilient alternative to traditional concrete or asphalt, resisting cracking and settling. Paver walkways are popular for connecting different areas of a property, such as driveways to entrances or patios to gardens. The varied colors, patterns, and textures of the pavers allow for customization, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the landscape. Known for their ease of installation, paver walkways are a practical choice to improve curb appeal and create an attractive and enduring path.

Many Benefits of Paver Walkways

Paver walkways offer a dual benefit by seamlessly integrating with waterproofing solutions. The interlocking design ensures durability and effective drainage, preventing water damage to your property. Customizable in colors and patterns, these walkways provide an attractive and water-resistant solution, particularly valuable in areas prone to heavy rainfall. This combination of aesthetic appeal and functional durability makes paver walkways an ideal choice for homeowners seeking an integrated approach to both landscaping and waterproofing.

Why to Choose AWS for Your Paver Walkway

Poor paver walkway installation is the major cause of long-term problems with them. When you choose AWS, you’re hiring a contractor with vast experience designing and installing these surfaces, as well as a track record of success. It also helps that we are drainage specialists. We understand how to create long-lasting paver surfaces that do not interfere with your yard’s effective drainage.

Paver Walkway

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Maximizing Drainage Efficiency for Your Property

When it comes to hardscaping, drainage is a major consideration. Flat concrete surfaces are essentially unsuitable for drainage, and even when placed correctly—for example, above the height of the yard—they might still cause issues over time. Because there are natural channels that allow water to drain away from the surface, a paver walkway installation is far less prone to these concerns.

Trusted Paver Walkway Repairs

If you have a paver walkway that was wrongly installed or has developed problems over time, replacing it isn’t your only option. AWS can often repair and restore the existing surface in terms of both aesthetics and drainage, and we’d be happy to carry out a professional restoration and provide you with an assessment as well as an upfront and precise estimate.

Additional Paver Installation & Repair Services

Our services extend well beyond paver walkway installation. AWS provides both residential and commercial clients with a new paver patio, paver steps, waterproofing and exterior drainage solutions. Our team of professionals can make sure your property looks great and stays protected from rainwater infiltration and other drainage issues.

Paver Walkway Installation

Trust AWS for Your Paver Walkway

AWS has helped many homeowners enjoy their yards more by installing and repairing paver walkways, and businesses in the area rely on us to improve their hardscapes while optimizing their drainage. Call 1-610-241-7009 or contact us online today for a consultation or if you have any additional questions about paver walkway installation.